👀👀 Looking for Sunday Spotlights and Sunday Greeters

Good Morning Church Family,

It’s been a lot of fun getting to know one another through the Sunday Spotlights and we’d like to feature as many folks as possible.
If you haven’t had a chance to participate look for Ally or Doug Helmick during Coffee Hour for an interview OR fill out this easy Sunday Spotlight Google Form OR pick up a paper copy downstairs in the Fellowship Hall to get started. See Ally Oleynik Helmick if you have any questions and text 724.322.6911 or email her at allyohelmick@gmail.com  Thanks!
And, please take a look at your summer calendar and sign-up for a few dates on the Greeter Counter in the narthex.  Or, reply to this e-mail and I’ll sign you up.  We like to have 2 greeters per Sunday.  Summer is often a time for new visitors to meet and greet so we need YOU!
Thank you!
In Christ,
M. Myra

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