We have several new arrivals that you’ll want to take a look at:

Colorful saints’ lives for kids! Potamitis Publishing has a series of over 300 brightly illustrated booklets that give the lives of many of our favorite saints — and the book table has a complete collection. These are for sale at the special price of only $2 apiece. These are sure to become a favorite in your family.

St. John the Forerunner. $25. This is a full size children’s book with original illustrations that tell the story of our parish’s patron saint.

Delightful Grace. $23. This is a series of stories from various saints’ lives, many of them with a humorous side. This is beautifully illustrated and ideal for reading to (or by) children.

Let’s Take a Walk through our Orthodox Church. $20. Another beautifully illustrated children’s book that explains various parts of the church and how they contribute to the Orthodox faith.

When You Fast: Recipes for Lenten Seasons. $25. This Lenten cookbook, which has become a classic title, was prepared by Fr. Thomas Hopko’s daughter. She has tested recipes for every need, whether oil- or gluten-free. Breakfast, main dishes, desserts — it’s all here.

Journey to Reality: Sacramental Life in a Secular Age, by Zachary Porcu. $15. This recently issued book from Ancient Faith provides the background for understanding our church’s sacramental perspective. This book is written in language that anyone can understand, and is especially geared towards teens & young adults.

The bookstore accepts payment by cash, credit card, or check. Take a look at what’s new!