Most young people who grow up in the Church fall away as they grow into young adults.  Why is the ministry they experience falling short?  What can the Church do to form faithful Orthodox Christians more effectively? 

The Archdiocese has invited Steve Christoforou to lead a retreat for our laity on Saturday, March 9, at St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral, 8290 Thompson Run Road, Allison Park, PA 15101.  Steve is perhaps best known for his work on “Be the Bee”, “Pop Culture Coffee Hour”, and “Effective Christian Ministry”.  He is a graduate of Yale University, Fordham University School of Law, and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.  He is currently the Director of Operations & Community Engagement for FOCUS North America

With a focus on the impact ministry can have on the young adults in our Church, Steve will be providing a retreat entitled “What Do People Need from the Church?: How to lead Effective Christian Ministry”.  In this presentation, Steve will distill years of research and experience as he helps participants understand (i) why our ministry efforts have been ineffective, (ii) what people need from the Church and (iii) how we can meet those needs.  The retreat will begin with the appointed Memorial Liturgy at 9am, followed by a continental breakfast.  The sessions will be at 11am and 1:15pm, with lunch at noon.  Everything should be finished up by 2:30.  Registration is $20 at the door. 

Please let Fr. John know if you plan to attend, and he’ll forward the count to the archdiocese.

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