House Blessings Part I – Sign-Up by Dec. 24

As we approach the House Blessing season after the Feast of Theophany, the Feast when we celebrate our Lord’s Baptism in the Jordan and celebrate the Great Blessing of Waters, we are blessed to participate in Christ’s victory over the demons, sin, and death which reign in the world by having Fr. John come and bless our homes. This cleanses and exorcises our homes from whatever hold evil might have there due to our sins over the past year. Building upon lessons from previous years, in which Fr. John is often having to go back and forth around Allegheny, Washington, and Greene Counties in a single night, while passing homes he was to visit later in the evening, this year Fr. John
will just have a sign-up for those interested in offering Fr. John a meal when he comes to bless the home. These appointments will then be the anchors around which the rest of the schedule is build.

If interested in signing up for one of these slots, go to: by Sun., Dec. 24. If you do not have internet access and would like to sign up, please call Fr. John. A full schedule will be filled in and published with the bulletin on Sunday, Jan. 31. If the date/time on the published schedule does not work, simply contact Fr. John to reschedule. If you do not want your home blessed this year, please let Fr. John know, and you will not be included in the final schedule.

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